Our mission - to help people realize their dream - to visit the Canary Islands (so far only in Tenerife) at the lowest possible cost, while - not at the expense of the quality of travel, and vice versa - at a high level.

We offer:

    * Help in organizing the trip to Canary Islands at the best prices in your chosen time;
    * Rental housing is also at the best prices in your chosen location on the islands;
    * Individual tour software - prices will also be pleasantly surprised;
    * Other attractions on the islands on the individual program;
    * Rent a car at the most favorable terms.

Your wishes - our job!
Dangers in Tenerife

In general, the rules of conduct in Tenerife are the same as in any resort of the world - don't walk in strongly drunk condition, do not fall face down with wallet in a hip-pocket, don't start fight and dismantling.

Violent crimes are extremely rare and basically are connected with mutual dismantlings. But on the island is constantly touring well-organized group of Romanians, the untrained eye they are not distinguished from the Spaniards. They work in shops, beaches and markets, mostly by traditional methods to create a crowd and hustle. Don’t carry with your self a lot of cash, values, keep they in a safe place.

Of course there are many options, how to lose the money, but typically Canarian - a holiday club. Stop you on the street a couple of phrases on broken "Russian, and propose a lottery ticket or card on presentation of a new hotel. Timeshare dealers can not seriously harm you, if you're not an idiot.

As a rule, getting on the promise of a presentation, you are exposed to strong brainwashing, and you are invited to join the club and promises many benefits. I must say that the idea of a club rest died long ago.

Pay the money now profitable for the property, not the air, that is right for one week to live in a VIP apartment ... To do this a long time there booking.com

There is an option, how to lose money quietly and painlessly ..

They are guides of the big tour operators and they know the work. Already in the bus they will explain to you that excursions here, here will come to an end, the guide will have a day off, and you can remain in general without excursions. By all means you will notify that only it is possible to buy excursions as like only your tourist insurance there works from them... Will hear also a baize how the person who has bought excursion in the street, have left in mountains …

Alas, this is all wrong, you're not in the Middle East, you are in European Union ... And on the street you do not buy the bad trips - because of € 5 no one would risk their license.

Excursions on the island of organizing the two largest operators - Atlantico and Viajes Nere Izerdie, SL, which supply their buses to all operators. They also carry tourists to La Gomera for 59 EUR, not 80 or 90 EUR, as suggested by tour operators. A Loro Park can be seen every day for 38 EUR, not just in the crowd once a week on Sundays, and for 60 EUR, as do many tour operators.

Various tours of the lowest prices on the island, you can purchase the firm Tenerife Sunshine, where you will be served in second languages English, Spanish, German, Russian and Latvian.

Average estimates, a family of 3 people overpaying your carrier 200-300 EUR per average package tours, if you purchase with your carrier, and not on the open market.

But it is primarily concerned with organized tours to various events and in parks. There is another kind of tour - a tour with a private guide. In humans, a priori, just a thought, it's much more organized group travel tour operator. But this is just the opposite.

Here's an example: You want to visit the Teide volcano, canyon mask, cape Teno - swim in the azure waters of most of the ocean on the island? Explore the east coast of Tenerife, to visit the capital Santa Cruz, swim at the beach of golden sand Terezitas? Visit the Candelaria - the spiritual center of the island? In a tour operator it will be at least 3 different tours that stretch over three days, the total cost is about 150 EUR per person.

A private guide Martins Tirums offers all unite in one day, and, moreover, will take you to Cape Teno, where tour operators do not carry. And just 40 - 60 EUR per person. In this case, can alter the tour at your convenience. The basic version offers two standard versions: Small and Large Circle. Both are designed for one day of travel that is important - because there is still much that is worthy visiting. Tours in English, Russian and Latvian.
Weather and time in Tenerife:
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