Route - Ghost Gorge

The gorge of Barranco de Badajoz is famous for its natural beauty as well as hundreds of mysterious events! Almost everyone in the neighborhood has heard of at least one of the many paranormal occurrences. There is no scientific evidence for everything that happens there, but a huge amount of eyewitness testimony shows that the events are not pure fiction. UFOs, white beings, strange glows, these are just some of the stories.
"The girl who went for pears."
Perhaps the strangest and most fascinating case is the story of the "Pear Girl", who, according to legend, went to pick pears in the gorge, and returned not at the right time, but much later, when no one expected it.

This story can be attributed to 1890-1910.  After the girl's disappearance, volunteers combed the area for several days, but no trace of the missing girl was found. The girl returned home after several decades, when no one expected it, although it had only been a few hours, because outwardly she had not changed at all.

The version told by the girl is as follows: she went to get some fruit at her parents' request, and fell asleep under a pear tree, after which she was awakened by a tall white being. The creature did not cause fear in the girl, so she accepted its invitation to follow him without protest.  The girl followed the creature to one of the caves with a ladder that they descended.  There was a garden where they met several more tall beings in white robes.

The girl stayed with them for a few minutes, then her companion led her up to the entrance of the cave and said goodbye to her.
"White beings".
Legend has it that in 1912, two mine workers were doing their usual work in one of the flooded galleries located in the ravine, more precisely, on the one that goes into the depths of the ravine.
At this moment, the wall they were working on collapsed, revealing a wide gallery from which tall, boot-clad beings, quite unlike the miners, approached the workers.  Legend has it that the workers contacted creatures who showed them where to dig to get water.
 "Winged Creatures".

On the night of July 1, 1991, a group of adventurers went to Barranco de Badajoz.  Descending into the hollow, the people heard a strange noise above their heads, similar to the flapping of wings. Almost reflexively, one of the members of the expedition, a photographer by profession, started taking pictures, even though it was dark and nothing could be seen. The result is one of the most mysterious photographs ever taken in the gorge...
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