Tour "Unknown Tenerife 3"

We start the trip from your accommodation (usually from Playa de las Americas) and we will see the sights of the island that have not been seen before: the town of Varadero - walking steeply down the road that winds next to the wall, we discover a hidden gem - a town on the ocean.  Its architecture resembles towns on the coast of the Adriatic Sea: narrow (1m wide !!!) winding steep streets and townspeople who know each other;

Santa Cruz from a bird's eye view - view from the mirador at the guancha sacrifice cave;

Red Cave above Santa Cruz (Guanche sacraficial cave);

A fantastic view of the north-west coast of the island from the viewpoint by the road in the mountains;

A wonderful park on the very edge of hundreds of meters of steep ocean shore;

You will feel the majesty of the ocean while walking along the path along rocks, grottoes, natural lava pools - the bravest can swim here;

Monument to the Guanche leader Tinguaro. On May 31, 1494, a Spanish army of more than 1,000 soldiers had arrived at the Acentejo gorge. Tinguaro's warriors met the Spanish vanguard in a gorge, but his brother sprung a trap with the main Guanche force.  In a narrow gorge, the Spanish cavalry proved powerless. The Guanchi hit the enemy with stones and spears.  In this battle, the Spanish lost 90% of their troops. It was indeed a happy day for the Guanches. The Tinguaro monument is said to bring good luck. You just need to touch the spear.  You don't even have to imagine the election, but the overall success rate increases.
Attention!  Only the spear should be touched;

Next stop - El Montillo park with cascades of waterfalls, a uniquely beautiful park located on a hillside in the town of La Matanzas.

The planned duration of the excursion is about 8 hours.


Prices for 8 hours of work:

Prices depend on the capacity of the car - if the number of passengers is greater, then a more spacious car should be taken, the cost of which is more expensive:


1-4 people - 230 EUR
5-6 people - 260 EUR
7-8 people - 300 EUR


 20 euros extra for each overtime hour.

Payment procedure: after confirming the excursion, a small advance reservation fee of 30 euros is required as a security deposit, which is included in the payment for the excursion.  And 100 euros at the start of the excursion, the rest at the end.


If your accommodation is outside the southern resort, then there is an additional charge for the time it takes to get to you and bring you back.
The standard means - from El Medano to La Caleta Adeje.


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