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Why choose an individual guide at all? ?

Here it would be the easiest to compare with bus tours and a rented car - here will be some examples:

In a private tour the route is flexible - we can change plans at any time.

None of the vacationers need to sit behind the steering wheel and worry about the directions, where and how to drive or what local drinks are available along the way.

The time of stopping at the places of interest is not determined, the participants can decide it by themselves, but the guide can calculate how much time is still needed to see the other planned places and adjust the tour.

The question of lunch can be solved according to any wishes; you can also travel without having lunch.

Adjusted Information about history, present times and the possibility to  discuss all these issues with the guide.

The average price that everyone pays for an excursion is more expensive than a bus, but cheaper than "Jeep Safari", where 7 people are pushed in a Jeep.

If you compare it with the prices of the big bus tour, it may seem more expensive at a first glance.  But here you have to take into account the fact that a private excursion covers what you will not see on a bus excursion, or you would have to order 3 different bus excursions - it would take several days, and as a result it would be more expensive.

After the tour you have gotten a new friend in Tenerife!


Prices for 8 hours of work:

Prices depend on the capacity of the car - if the number of passengers is greater, then a more spacious car should be taken, the cost of which is more expensive:


1-4 people - 180 EUR
5-6 people - 210 EUR

 20 euros extra for each overtime hour.

Payment procedure: after confirming the excursion, a small advance reservation fee of 30 euros is required as a security deposit, which is included in the payment for the excursion.  And 100 euros at the start of the excursion, the rest at the end.


If your accommodation is outside the southern resort, then there is an additional charge for the time it takes to get to you and bring you back.
The standard means - from El Medano to La Caleta Adeje.


 Please click on the name of the excursion:

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Austrumu Loks 1>>>

Austrumu Loks 2>>>

Ziemeļu Loks 1>>>

Ziemeļu Loks 2>>>

Nezināmā Tenerife 1>>>

Nezināmā Tenerife 2>>>

Nezināmā Tenerife 3>>>


Uz La Gomeru grupai 2-3 cilvēki kopā ar šoferi, auto un gidu

Prāmis ARMAS (lēnais, bet komfotablāks, nešūpojas}:
atiešanas laiki: 08.45-17.00
5 cilv (Ieskaitot šoferi un gidu) +auto =200е
4 cilvēki (Ieskaitot šoferi un gidu) +auto =170е
Par darbu šoferim un gidam = 250 eiro (darba kop12 stundas)
Kopā tātad vai nu 450, vai 420 eiro

Prāmis Fred Olsen, ātrais, bet var būt jūras slimība):
atiešanas laiki: 09.30-17.30
5 cilv (Ieskaitot šoferi un gidu) +auto =340 eiro
4 cilv (Ieskaitot šoferi un gidu)+auto =310  eiro
Par darbu šoferim un gidam = 250 eiro
Kopā tātad 590, vai 560

1)  Uz Gran Canaria ar vienu nakšņošanu (izejam ar prāmi agri no rīta, nākošajā dienā atgriežamies);

2) Uz Fuerteventuru ar divām nakšņošanām (izejam ar prāmi agri no rīta, aiznākošajā dienā atgriežamies);

3) Var kompleksu ekskursiju - gan uz Gra Canaria, gan uz Fuerteventuru.

Ekskursiju detaļas un cenas tiek atrunātas katrā konkrētajā gadījumā!

Veicam transfēru no jebkuras vietas uz jebkuru vietu Tenerifē - 10%-20% lētāk pat taxi!

Aizpildiet visas ailes pasūtījumu formā lapā "Pasūtīt ekskursiju", un gids ar Jums sazināsies tuvākajā laikā

Vai zvaniet pa tālruni: +371 29154812 (jebkuras ekskursijas)

Labāk rakstiet uz WhatSapp

Var gadīties (un tas Tenerifē ir bieži), ka neesam zonā.
Mēģiniet pēc kāda laika vēlreiz.
Ja jums uzreiz neatbildēsim, numurs tiks piefiksēts, un atzvanīsim vistuvākajā laikā

Var zvanīt izmantojot WhatsApp

Pasūtījuma forma>>>


Grupa Feisbukā: Latvieši Tenerifē - ziņas, diskusijas un sludinājumi >>>


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