Eastern Circle 2

We start from your accommodation (usually Las Americas) and drive to the island's capital via the southern highway.  The first point of interest on the way is in the small town of Santa Lucia, which is hidden by the ocean in a large cave - a grotto

Next, we go to Candelaria, where there is the largest church on the island with the image of the black madonna. Here is the religious center of the Canary Islands.  Along the edge of a large square (which is in front of the church) by the ocean, there are large monuments to nine Guanche mencey's (kings).

  We continue our journey to La Laguna - the most beautiful and largest old town on the island, 700 m above sea level. We will take a short walk around the old town.

Next, we go through Tacoronte to Mesa del Mar - a city that "flies" above the ocean waves.  They hit the foundations of high-rise buildings. Passing through the tunnel, we arrive at the magnificent La Arena beach (not to be confused with the famous Puerto Santiago beach - there are many geographical places with the same names in Spain. For example, here on Tenerife there are 3 La Caletas). Here we can eat takeaway.  If the weather permits, we can sunbathe and swim a bit.

  We will return through Tacoronte and go to La Esperanza. Next, we drive through the majestic Canarian pine forest to the eucalyptus grove - here we stop for a while. And at the end of the excursion, we drive home along the Southern highway.

The planned duration of the excursion is about 8 hours.


Prices for 8 hours of work:

Prices depend on the capacity of the car - if the number of passengers is greater, then a more spacious car should be taken, the cost of which is more expensive:


1-4 people - 230 EUR
5-6 people - 260 EUR
7-8 people - 300 EUR

 20 euros extra for each overtime hour.

Payment procedure: after confirming the excursion, a small advance reservation fee of 30 euros is required as a security deposit, which is included in the payment for the excursion.  And 100 euros at the start of the excursion, the rest at the end.


If your accommodation is outside the southern resort, then there is an additional charge for the time it takes to get to you and bring you back.
The standard means - from El Medano to La Caleta Adeje.


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