Northern Circle I

 The beginning is the same as "To the volcano Teide, (option "a")", immediately after viewing the most notable places in the Teide caldera, we turn to the right. The whole area resembles a Martian landscape. We drive to El Portillo, where the road forks in two directions. We choose to the left.

We descend along the serpentine from the mountain peaks in the north-west of the island. We will drive through majestic Canarian pine forests. On the way there are several very beautiful places - miradori. For example, "stone flower" is really a natural wonder, a rock split really looks like a flower ten meters in diameter.

Passing through a forest of laurel-heather trees, we continue through Orotava (also one of Tenerife's historic cities) and arrive in Puerto Cruz (Tenerife's second largest city). Here is a short tour of the old town and the promenade along the ocean where huge waves crash. Here we can eat and drive further along the road that goes along the coast of the ocean.
From the north highway we turn left to Tacoronte.  Then we go along the ocean coast through the towns of Tejina, Bajamar to Punta Hidalgo, the most distant point in the northwest of the island. The wildlife and the ocean are fascinating.

* For an additional fee, we can visit the fantastic view from the Mirador 500 escalones en Tacoronte.

The planned duration of the excursion is about 8 hours.


Prices for 8 hours of work:

Prices depend on the capacity of the car - if the number of passengers is greater, then a more spacious car should be taken, the cost of which is more expensive:


1-4 people - 180 EUR
5-6 people - 210 EUR
7-8 people - 240 EUR

 20 euros extra for each overtime hour.

Payment procedure: after confirming the excursion, a small advance reservation fee of 30 euros is required as a security deposit, which is included in the payment for the excursion.  And 100 euros at the start of the excursion, the rest at the end.


If your accommodation is outside the southern resort, then there is an additional charge for the time it takes to get to you and bring you back.
The standard means - from El Medano to La Caleta Adeje.


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